In order to deliver express services to you, Trans eXpress has designed a practical and secure procedural system for both our clients and our translation team. Take the following steps to access our services.

  1. Contact us and send the source document to obtain a price quote that suits your needs.
  2. Wire transfer / deposit the 50% down payment as stated in the quote to the designated bank account.
  3. Confirm your payment to us. We will immediately forward the document to our translation team.
  4. The translated documents will be delivered to you in password-protected mode. Transfer the remaining payment and we will provide you with the password.
  5. Thank you for using the Trans eXpress services!


Formulir Pemesanan

  • 1) Calculations of translated page are based on the following page format: A4, Courier New 12 pt font, 1" margin, double space. The result is maximum estimate, the actual number of translated pages may be less.
    2) Your document will be processed after the down payment is received and a confirmation e-mail is sent to you.
    3) If the actual number of translated pages is less than the estimates, the full payment invoice will be adjusted accordingly.